Scoping America

 Eclipse scopist

Deborah Callahan
Victor, New York

Proudly serving the American legal system

* Professional and experienced full-time scopist with 26 years' experience *
* Certified paralegal with 29-plus years of legal experience *

* SearchMaster and specialty resources always used *
* Names and field-specific terminology researched and verified *
* No field or topic is outside of my realm of interest and expertise *

* Word-for-word scoping with audio files *  
* Able to read most steno theories (notereading) * 
* Reasonable rates for all turnaround times *
* Deadlines always met without compromising quality *
* Total Eclipse Versions 4, 5, and 6, with up-to-date support contract *


Limited to regular turnarounds of eight or more business days 
if not already booked at the time of contact

       WE WILL

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Which option is the better choice for you:

Taking today's testimony
Sitting home and editing yesterday's transcript?

It is a proven fact that a court reporter who works with a scopist increases their profitability. You can accept more jobs each week than you could working alone.  

While you are earning on the next job, I will be working on yesterday's transcript.     

You owe it to yourself to increase your earning potential by working with a scopist
who is dedicated to the legal field, and to you.  

A solid and mutually respectful reporter-scopist team is a rewarding business relationship, and it can open new horizons for the reporter.

If there is steno to read, I can read steno for those occasional times when audio is not of the highest quality.  

I always provide the best job possible in a time-efficient manner, and I pride myself  in my attention to detail.

My goals are to protect the record AND your reputation.


Contact me for more details about working together. is my preferred method for file transfers.
If you don't have a usual method of transmission or your method is unavailable,
I offer my account for your convenience, free of charge.

(Assigned password required)